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Almost as a pallet cleanser I dug out a set of Dust Tactics figures that were a little different from the normal figures from that range.   

These were not the normal pre built and pre undercoated figures that Dust Studios are renowned for. A while back they started selling figures as kits so you could put them together yourself.  Some resin parts some plastic.

I picked these up as part of a job lot and got whatever was in the bag, so not a complete and correct set for the unit box as sold.  But with only one figure that I already owned it was still a good purchase.  

Raketenmann may not have the most original name but he is a great sculpt with a great laser gun to boot.

Florentine I already own but enjoyed painting her for a second time all the same. She photographs poorly due to her black leather uniform, so you will have to take my word for it when I say that I made a better job of her than last time.  

The star of the show is a totally useless flying ape named Goliath.  I have never, EVER, managed to get the totally close combat units in Dust Tactics (or Dust 1947 as it is now called) to work well.  With all the units you are charging likely to get a round of reaction fire off at you when you charge, it’s a dangerous action to attempt. I never manage to pin my opponent and line up a charge at the same point in time, so never get to avoid that painful outcome…