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I made a concerted effort lately to get the last of the various objectives I would need for A Billion Suns finished.  It was not a difficult task.  A few small ships and other items.

The game, if ever we get to play it, will call for a number of smaller items like communications satellites, and lifeboats. Easy enough to sort when so many small items are available from the various suppliers.

Another couple of light utility ships would also be very useful as lots of the missions feature either a mining or capture/collection aspect.  I suspect we won’t always be attacking each other although it will be fun to shoot all my enemies ships out of the sky when I get to the point in a game when I know I cannot win.

Oh, and did I mention we might be needing Space Kraken?

These fine beasts are sold as fishing lures.  I do wonder what sized fish would take a fancy to these blighters.  These were the smallest versions I could find.

If these are representative of terrestrial squid, then I guess the truly alien creatures of this world do reside in our deeper oceans…