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So, with a bad camo pattern planned and ready for other figures to benefit, I decided to make a start on another set of walkers.

This time the slightly larger ‘Medium Walkers’ were to be the beneficiaries. I also fancied trying out some chipping medium I had picked up.  The main figure was sprayed with silver at first. The camo was then added to the body and a couple of other panels using the poorly chosen colour mix that I had selected for the smaller walkers.

The canopy for this is a separate piece, so I decided to try a bit of the chipping medium on it as a simple test. I painted the medium over a silver base coat leaving it heavier at the edges and ridges which would have had more trauma in real life.  A quick spray over with red oxide and, when dry, I gave it a poke with an old wet paintbrush.

The medium works quite well actually.  My choices of base colours may have been poor though as the exposed silver base coat was then revealed and looked like it had just been freshly scraped and scratched not rusted and old as planned.  A dab or two of good old liquid rust and it was more like the aged ‘Junkyard Dog’ that I hoped it would become known.

‘Junkyard Dog’ will be my veteran pilot’s ride in Gamma Wolves and, as the leader of this little crew, a slightly unique and different paint scheme was always going to be a given…

As an aside, the reason for the basing choice (curbside and road) was twofold. Firstly it looks good but it also serves a practical purpose. Both the walkers in this set have a slight warp in the plastics of the legs. Without something slightly raised for one leg to stand on they have a decidedly drunken lean to them, that was never going to be a good look for a bunch of veteran scavengers.