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Its not all been about tiny space ships you know…  I’ve been busy with some small war walkers too!

The walkers I decided to try out a paint scheme on first were the fake AT43 models. These were planned as a red oxide undercoat with metals and a simple two tone green camo. They also got simple grey/black tarmac bases so as to fit in with a modern or post apocalyptic theme.  While I was at it I also knocked up some slightly more adventurous bases for the larger two mechs that are next up on the painting table.

This is the two new walkers next to a possible choice as ‘Heavy Walker’ in my games of Gamma Wolves.  If this is the original idea for the camo scheme, I have obviously failed to copy it at all.  I am starting to think I might be slightly colourblind (this is something the wife has suggested at times in the past. Especially when I show her a new outfit I have put together…)

Maybe I should start to listen to her more often!!!