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Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten to show you what other things for A Billion Suns I have done.

This week it has all been about Fighters and Fleet Carriers.  The game offers you the option to field Fighters, Bombers and Recon wings.  All able to perform slightly differing roles.  I suspect, as these are some of the cheaper options to deploy, they might get more use than the larger, more expensive, warships.

One of those larger vessels is the very expensive Carrier.  Acting as a mobile Jump Point (deployment site) for any smaller ‘Wing’ craft it has some versatility, but absolutely no weapons of its own…

Whatever it deploys will need to be its main defence as well as nipping off to complete objectives and attack enemy craft.  Therefore I have more than a few bases of fighters, bombers and recon fliers all ready on the painting table.

With quite a collection of ships now ready to go, it would be nice to get a game in to try them out…  Not yet though, not yet!