What, Osprey have released another game over lockdown! Before we even get to play the last one? How rude.  At this rate I might end up with 2-3 new games to prep, plan and pay for before I even get an actual game in!!!

This time round it is Gamma Wolves.  A small skirmish game for large post apocalypse style walkers.  Up until earlier this month I didn’t own many post apocalypse style walkers… Now I have a few more.  Courtesy if the knockoff/ copyright ignoring culture in China.

These guys can be purchased from a Chinese supplier that calls them 1/32 scale robots.  In actuality they are almost direct copies of old AT43 and Dust Tactics figures.  There is even a close copy of a Games Workshop Space Marine Dreadnought in the box (not used here).  Much lower quality and, in my box anyway, miss packed with 2 left arms in this chaps case…

It did afford me the option to dig out an alternate arm and try out some other options.  Too big maybe?

Thats more like it…

More to come regarding these guys and I suspect Gamma Wolves will be up there when we do get a chance to play a game (currently in the UK, sometime in June 2021 looks promising for a face to face meeting across a table…)