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As usual a new ruleset comes out and whoosh we are off down a new rabbit hole…

A Billion Suns has been brewing for a while now as the Osprey release schedule is often well publicised and we get plenty of time to become hyped up for the next ‘new thing’ (or two, or three…)

Now, a new rule book, well priced at about £10, sounds like an easy buy in for anyone with a varied figure collection, and usually it is.  I do not have any fleet scale spaceships at all though.  None. Nada. Nowt.

Not until Ground Zero Games completed their delivery to me that was. One Fleet pack of New Swabian League ships and a couple of other deftly selected ships from that range and others, and I feel like the Admiral of an armada already.

A Billion Suns lets you take your whole collection along to any game, as you don’t start with an army list as such.  When missions come up, you just pay to open jump points and buy ships to deploy on any of three tabletops all currently being played at the same time. You just have to be careful not to spend too much on buying ships as you have to make a profit from each mission attempted.

If the mission has a possible payout of 3 galactic credits you only want to spend 1-2 on ships to complete it.  If your opponent is after those credits too you both may come out with less than you started.  Good job there are three missions on offer in each game you play. Don’t forget as well, the larger the game size the more profit they could potentially produce.

In a starter game (scale 3) you might only field a fighter wing and a couple of tiny gunships in order to get that profit.  If larger games are played (scale 8-10) your battlegroups of frigates or even a battleship or two may show up to guarantee that your opponent cannot steal those much needed credits.

I have never painted tiny spaceships, Epic scale tanks are about as close as I have got to this sort of stuff.  With a base coat in light grey, a black ink wash and a few panels picked out in contrasting colours, they are looking like the liveried warships I had hoped for.

My smallest sized ships are a Bomber wing.  The next up in size are the gunships, corvettes and monitors.  The heaviest of this first batch are a battlegroup of Frigates.  Included are also a light and medium utility ship that allow some extra options when the missions rely on transporting things like ore back home…

I can see this leading to further purchases as my small fleet grows into a real armada.