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As I am not trying to hide how behind the times these blog posts are anymore, let me show you something I got for Xmas, in April…  I will catch up soon I promise…

I received this little TTCombat kit for Xmas but these photos of the work in progress are likely to be from about mid January and the final images early February.  That means I received built and painted something in under two months.  Thats likely to be a record for me.

I suspect that the fact that it is Halflings manning a small catapult, with soup as ammunition, may have helped to provide some motivation.  Also, as I had just completed a few other Oathmark Artillery pieces as well…  I was on a roll I guess.

On my other Oathmark artillery sets I left the crew separate as they could then be removed as damage was dealt.  Due to the fact these guys are actually connected to the catapult, as they work its machinery, I decided to stick them all in place (after painting them obviously).  A small dice would then be used at the back of the base to count down the remaining wounds (or crewmen).

Please note the bare patch in the grass at the back of this image.

The dice is snugly in place on this one. Just to prove it works. What would be better is an 8mm D6 with 1,1,2,2,3,3 on it. I guess there is my next Ebay search.


Addendum:  The design of the crew for this catapult have changed since receiving this kit and writing this blog. The crew are now shown as different sculpts on the TTCombat website.  Not sure if mine or the one on the website are now the standard crewmen…