I commented recently to someone that I have a ‘thing’ for scenery.  Taking a look about in the shed I can definitely see the effects of too many quiet nights surfing (and shopping) on MDF websites…

In a recent post, I also wrote about my varied table setups for some of our smaller games of Warhammer 40K. A lot of the tables in that post made use of a set of MDF plinths I finished building back in the summer of last year.  TTCombat make these for their Venetian canal game tables. I like them for their flexibility. If used on a very small table a variety of height changes can be used.

On larger tables they section off a board for placement of other terrain elements whilst still offering some height changes.

Height changes are often under used on gaming tables as we do tend to start from (and rely upon) a very unrealistic flat tabletop surface.  With lots of height changes players are forced to think a little bit more about how they will get from A to B.

To help with those options, I have been forced to add some more access ramps and stairs to my collection.  The stairs are from TTCombat.  The ramps are courtesy of Coronasan and his growing fascination with designing and building MDF scenery.

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