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Yellow Marines.  Its a well rooted Warhammer 40K tradition that Space Marines do not worry about camouflage (although in their first sets of publications I remember them having striped camo drawn on lots of their power armoured warriors).

Mine are Yellow because they discontinued the original colour that I used for their brothers in arms.  If you can’t match them then clash with them…  Thats what I say.

Well, I have a glass cabinet in the shed that is currently chock full of these little yellow buggers.  I decided to get them out and put them on display in all their yellow undercoated shame.  I suspect it was in the hopes of getting some paint on them.  After almost a year of being out on show, the first of the bigger bits has been dragged out and tarted up (or dirtied up may be a better description).

This Rhino (or Razorback depending on what weapon system is sitting on its roof) has been undercoated twice in alternating yellows and is a bit paint clogged as a result.  Therefore I was not worried if, when I had finished, it looked more than a little worn and slightly worse for wear…

Orange wash and sponge painting for mud splashes starts its journey to the scrap heap. Edges highlighted in silver hopefully adds that scratched and uncared for battle weariness.

And if it is a very good child it might even get a missile system all of its own to play with (although that would technically make it a Whirlwind Tank instead).