These you have seen before but only in a quick snapshot when I was getting them set up and clearing a few bits out in the shed.

The paint racks are a bespoke design, created to fit snugly inside a 40cm wide Ikea Billy bookcase.  Coronasan designed these for me and they were cut by Jim at Products For Wargamers.

As my paint collection contains everything from modern dropper bottles, right through to both old and new citadel pots, I wanted a flat shelf like unit that was not going to restrict the placement of pots in anyway.

Now on each of my shelves I can get 60+ pots to a rack and still see what colour I want, and actually read the name on the pot in many cases, at a glance.

As I am not a very tall gentleman (no rude comments please) I am making use of the higher shelf to store spray cans and, as a happy little accident, the glass shelves allow me to see what I actually have up there if I store them upside down…  Nice!

I have also just decanted all my artists inks into small dropper bottles that are easier to store but don’t have room for these on the shelves so will need yet another box to store these little used items in.  I find these inks are great for painting MDF buildings but haven’t got any more of these in the painting queue at the moment.