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Anyone noticed the new page on my blog?  Anyone?  No?  Well, I guess I had better announce its arrival then!

Coming Soon! (no thats not right…). Welcome to the new improved..  (No, thats not it either. I guess I am just no good at this…)

If you happen to get a moment and have nothing better to do… (thats more like it, keep going…) You might just like to pop over to here and take a look at the new thing I have on the blog.  (Why don’t you just tell them what it is? Oh yes, that might work). I have a new page on the blog to record the progress I will be making towards writing a set of new rules for smaller scale figures.

The page itself should explain some of the reasoning and design ideas behind Tiny Wars. The short version is we have lots (and I do mean lots and lots) of smaller scale figures that have not seen the light of day in the last 10 years+. Games Workshop Epic figures make up a good two thirds of these figures and a few were repurposed back in 2016 for a game called Horizon Wars which we hoped would allow us to get these figures back into circulation again.

Sadly the game only called for a small combined arms force of 10-20 elements, especially if we wanted to finish a game in a single evening.  What we had hoped for was a massed combat game where we could field loads if tiny toys and still play to completion in one session.

I am open to suggestions for any, ultra quick, and simple rules for 6-15mm games you might have come across.  The ideal point would be where armies of 50-100 elements can obliterate each other in 3-4 hours…

Tiny Wars is my attempt to get exactly that!  Simple rules that force players into contact from the start of deployment and puts enemy forces in your rear from turn one so as to guarantee that nothing gets to stay safely at the back of the board.

This play test game (something that allows me to actually play a game alone in the shed during these enforced lockdowns) was played out in less than 2 hours and featured about 40-50 elements per side.  Its far from polished but it has a charm that appeals to me at the moment.

The draft rules are free to download from the Tiny Wars page, and if you do take a look, any feedback would be most welcome.  As I cannot find a way to get comments on the new page please add your thoughts to this post if you would.

Happy reading…