It need not be mentioned really, as we all know this, but it’s been a funny old year.  While we have persevered through all the changes, and ‘new normals’ we have been presented with, sometimes we have had to change focus to just get the job done.

My focus has been away from blogging for the last 3 months but I am hoping to get back in the saddle again and try to get a few posts up, now and again, just to see if I can rebuild the habit.

This might be where I left off I guess.  Spearwives finished and shown. Reading back, I guess I can hear my own voice in that post, and it sounds tired and more than a little frustrated.  I suspect a break was definitely due.

I haven’t been idle though. The shed has seen a few changes even if the hobby part of things has been slightly slow.  Some new Ikea Billy bookcase sized paint racks have been installed.

It is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time and makes seeing my collected paints a little easier. I have to admit though to finding and clearing out about 20 old dry and knackered pots that were well past their best and not recoverable.

More on those changes soon though. Thats all for today. Small steps, so as to not get ahead of myself…