Well, by painting these in batches of five I have managed to keep a little more momentum going.  I must admit though, these have been a pleasure to do.

With the first five finished, I also know what the few painting pitfalls that come with these figures are.  Usually for me it is patches of poor detail, where I can’t even work out what something is supposed to be.  The details on these are simple and clear though so its is the other often found problem that was set to frustrate me. More specifically, it is the parts of a figure are needing painting but end up hidden behind some other part that needs to be a differing colour.

Thankfully the main details of these chaps are, oh so characterful, and even with my simple skill levels they stand out really well.

Sadly it was one of the last few late summer, full sun days, when I took the last few photos.  But they do show off the natty little movement bases that Coronasan designed for our Oathmark forces.

Thats another unit finished though, which is always a good outcome.

You might have noticed that I did the raptors in each rank in a slightly different skin tone.  That way they can be mixed up to be used in a larger, 2 rank, unit or divided up as two visually distinct units.

I have a few more movement trays to complete but as armies go… Thats not a bad looking force…