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I decided to try just a bit harder than usual to get these guys looking nice.  I planned to use Contrast for some of the skin and wood tones, as the sculpts offered enough detail to get the contrast medium to work well.  I also wanted to paint them in batches of five so as to not find my momentum fading in the middle of the process. If it did fade, I could take a break and come back with some revived vigour.

The first five came together very nicely.  I am not a fan of the standard contrast ‘Orc Flesh’ as it seems too dark for me.  I therefore used a spare bottle, to decant and mix a lighter green, to use on these boys.  I also went for a two tone skin colour on the raptors, as they already have a skin texture difference sculpted into their upper and lower body.

They have a slightly cartoon(ish) look to them and this always works well for Goblins in my opinion.

The larger than life features helps to get the miniatures painted up as if the eyes and teeth are large enough to paint they will then be large enough to see those details on the table top.

The standard for this unit is nicely proportioned but not so large that it sticks out too much.

I have said before, I cannot freehand anything! With that in mind small decals make for fine friends, and its no different here.

Each figure has its own sculpt (I picked my favourite 10 of the 16 or so available) and the unit appears more characterful than most as a result of this.

Foundry are probably the original example of the Oldhammer aesthetic and if you haven’t looked them up i suggest you go do so.  Now!

First five done.  Five more to go and I am still enjoying painting them.