I guess the distractions of real life will always play a part in slowing my progress.  I have this little ‘true scale’ scenic item to blame for the most resent distractions.

With that job out of the way now though, I can get on with some smaller but equally time consuming items.

These little buggers, also known as Foundry Orcling Scouts, arrived at the same time as their larger Orc Warboss. Anything that looks like a group of Goblins riding small raptors make for a much nicer set than any Goblin Wolf Riders could.  So ten of these will make a nice ‘counts as’ goblin wolf rider unit for my Oathmark forces.

As a unit of two ranks, they might pack a little more punch, but as two units of 5 they could also add a little bit of flexibility to an army.

Even with just a few base colours slapped on, it is starting to look like I made a good choice in picking these guys up…