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As I wanted to support my local bricks and mortar game store, and as I wanted to have something I could slowly dip into over the weeks that I knew I would be limited for time, I bought this.  I also bought the other (non-Warcry) version of this which adds a few, more rounded, bits that would fit the general theme and give me some more interchangeable options.

As a Warcry supplement I can use it for my games of Warcry as planned, but the main reason to pick up this kit was to be able to add a more ‘internal’ setting to some of our skirmish games.  I can see us trying some Indiana Jones style artefact grab missions in the next year or so!

As it contains a whole lot of these larger plastic sprues, I knew I could dip in and out of the shed to clip, trim and glue the various bits over a week or two of limited hobby time.

After a week or so (and after a whole load of sore and bleeding fingertips) I was well on the way.  The more rounded plinth shown above is part of the non-Warcry version of this set.  The columns are not attached so have the option to be placed anywhere around any of the plinths.  Sadly they fall over quite easily so may need some magnets in the long run…

The main parts in their cleaned up state and showing some of the scale of the set (please excuse the dodgy finger in the photo).

Just another 8 columns to go…