With limited time to myself, and still very little hope of a game in the shed any time soon.  I have been discussing, with Veganman, some of the options available to us for future gaming days. One game we both own, but have never played, is Kobolds and Cobblestones.  Another of the Osprey blue rulebook series, so its fairly cheap and fairly simple.

Its basic rules use playing cards rather than dice to measure movement and score successes in the game (its always good to try other mechanics now and again).

The basic force in Kobolds and Cobblestones is a gang of mixed ruffians. Surprisingly, a force of both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ races can actually help you win in this game. That is because the black cards and red cards are each used to give a boost dependent on your figures alignment.

With that in mind and just a little time to spare I set about pulling a small gang together.  about 5-7 figures generally does it as the game is played on only a 2 foot square board.

Today I managed to sort out and paint up a Dwarf and two Halfling bowmen. who might be called my Good guys.

An Orc bruiser and a couple of Goblin skivvies finish of the evil side of things.

I need a ‘Boss’ for the gang but the other Savage Orc Boy in the phots is not lighting my fire.  I have a hankering for a big fancy Orc Boss but might have to search a bit further to find just the right chap.