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Yes, as I hinted last time, I am again painting figures for my Free Folk army for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Instead of painting a ‘set’ of figures, designed to be fielded together, I decided that a random collection of miniatures would be more interesting for me.

A figure that has been waiting patiently for a few months now, as I do quite fancy trying him as a leader in a couple of games, is Rattleshirt – Lord Of Bones. Easy enough to paint using the Contrast range with bone and brown fur making up most of the miniature.

Another set I want to try fielding are the Skinchangers.  They are Humans with the ability to transfer their consciousness into animal familiars.  Eagles offer them a birds eye view of the battlefield and improve their units movement in rough terrain and make charges easier.

The unit box comes with two Skinchangers and two of each animal…

If they take a bear instead of their eagle, they get a free fairly hard hitting unit (as you would expect a bear to be represented).

Bear two…

The third option for a Skinchanger to take is the wolf.  This can be fielded to harass the enemy while they are attacked by the main unit (improving the chance of that unit doing damage to the enemy).

I guess that leaves me needing to paint the actual Skinchanger figures…  Maybe they should be next!