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Oops.  I planned for a number of posts to drop out to you all over the next few days and weeks, and then guess what? Thats right, I forgot to schedule them! It was only when I noticed a comment from someone who was ‘looking forward to them’ that I realised they were not posting up as planned.

Well, now they are all set and ready to post.  Lots if semi-interesting content. Things like this…


So, with the magnets done on the last couple of Bushido figures it was about time I got some paint on them. To get me into the swing of things though, I decided to try some more figures using the yellow/orange theme that has been seen on my desk recently (with a little less fire though).

This little lady and her ‘pet’ are Honoko and Hakushi.  Animal handlers are a theme in the Silvermoon syndicate faction in Bushido.  I haven’t played the game in so long that the rules have changed for this lady.  I might have to revisit the main rules a few times before we get any proper games in.

The other overarching theme in the Silvermoon Syndicate is Sumo wrestlers!  Here we have the finished Oda and Tautola along with another rather large chap, Fitiaumua.

As I was putting them all away in their box I thought as they were complete a group shot would be nice.  Here we have all my Bushido Silvermoon Syndicate options with various leaders and fighters.  Some will get played more than others but they are suitable for any number of Pulp style, smaller scale, skirmish games (Fistful of KungFu, I am looking at you).