Right, this time, it is a final list.  2,500 points Oathmark Humans.

All still awaiting movement bases but as I don’t have a game planned, or even a date for the end of lockdown, thats not so bad.  It’s got most things an army needs.  Some spells, a big monster, some thundering cavalry, a bit of artillery and plenty of infantry blocks.

From the left (in Oathmark terminology)… 20 Spearmen, 15 Linebreakers with a Champion as leader.

A low level Spellcaster, 17 Archers, a Giant and a Small Catapult.

15 Heavy Cavalry and a second Small Catapult.

20 Warriors and 10 Spearmen.

Oh, and so that giant has someone his own size to play with, I did his A Song Of Ice And Fire base up with a smattering of snow so he could at least try to fit in.