With lots of options, in the way of almost ready to go figures in the shed, I was running the risk of trying to do too much.  Therefore, I have had to plan ahead, in order to not overwhelm myself.

What you see above is a 2,500 point force for Oathmark (well 2,500ish as I might change what I use for leader types and champions in the end).  By selecting this lot, and putting the rest back away, I should be able to only base and paint up the figures I need.  Only when these are done will I start to look at adding any of the other units and figures that I have.

Yes, I have had to proxy some items, as the game is set in a slightly earlier era than my figures represent.  Xbows and handguns for archers; cannon and mortar for small catapults.  I have never been too precious about making do with what I have…  Now all I need is to pretty them up a bit and get a unified basing theme sorted.