At the end of lock down, when we are all released back into each others company, many of us will have no excuse for not having finished that ‘thing’ that was just needing a little more free time to get done. Some of us will never find anything ever again, as we have spent far too much of that ‘free time’ sorting and tidying things to the point that we cannot find half our stuff anymore…

This week I have been digging through lots of old stuff and sorting out what I might want to use for a new game called Oathmark.  This one comes out of the Osprey publishing camp and is written by Joseph McCullough, the author of Frostgrave.

Being a Massed Battle game it calls for blocks of troops that move about on the table together.  That means, as I don’t want to paint another 200 new figures, digging out all my old Empire figures and their movement trays to see what I can still use.

Lots of these have been rebased 2-3 times over the years, and come from quite a varied mix of games, but some have never been played as they were never completely finished off.  It looks like I will need some new movement trays but I suspect that a lot of what I have is useable.

Oathmark allows units from all the fantasy races to be used in the same army (orcs and goblins fighting with elves and dwarves). I currently only have Humans but its a good start point.

As we cannot get a test game in I decided to pitch two trial 900 point forces against each other, just to see how the mechanics of the game worked.  So far, first impressions are good, but… BEWARE THE HEAVY CAVALRY!  They were the monsters that caused mayhem on this little test battlefield…

For a proper set of reviews of the game go check out this by Zac at the Pile Of Dice.