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Well, in the last post I suggested that I had a couple of new navy units to show you.  I was not fibbing.

This small land ship is from West Wind Productions: The HMLS Gladstone.  I have owned it since I started the Steam Wars Navy.  The first Photo of this figure on the blog seems to be from November 2015… 5 years ago!

One reason it has seen no love is that it feels tiny compared to other models in the force.

Another reason is its a bugger to get to all the parts to paint them.  It is actually constructed as a single cast (not counting the wheels and gun turret). The men by the shields and the boilers are all one part, joined to the hull, and that means it requires a brush being poked into tiny gaps to paint.

So after 5 years it got finished but with a wash to pick out details that I could never reach to paint and to hide all the mistakes when I did try to get to them.

Next to a normal 28mm figure it looks ok but…

In reality its about the size of a large Hot Wheels car… And at £25 I won’t be buying another…