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With the Juves now out of the way I can get back to something that might get used in a game when lockdown ends.

This flying machine was started a couple of months ago and got base painted then returned to the painting queue.  All it needed was a couple of decals and a base.

Sods law always applies in the sed, therefore, when I looked it and the decals out, I found that I have almost run out of NAVY decals.

After scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, I managed two stars and bars and one NAVY word that I had to trim off a larger piece.  I must order more of them as they always come in handy (and I’m honest enough with myself to know I will never stop adding to this army).

A good scale for use as a personal flyer, for a hero type of some sort, or small unit of specialists to enter the battlefield on.