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Today included more spraying and kit building. Its getting boring now I know…

The finished little set looks ok at this point. As my supply of silver and blue is too low not to start a further kit its time to park these pieces and move on to some real painting…  With a brush!

However, before that, I was playing about with the modularity of the plazas and how to represent canals on the table.

Maybe some alien canals too…

The afternoon was spent armed with a 1/2 inch brush and some brown ink. These walkways were never going to paint themselves.

Work in progress, I was going for a used and weathered finish so was not overly worried about neatness at this stage.

The photos seem to make even the finished pieces look terrible. The brown ink wash, heavy drybrushing with Ash Grey and a further splash of green ink down at the waterline, make the finished walkways look quite good…  Honestly!