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The MDF building featured last time is from the TTCombat Cyber range. I appear to have purchased five of these kits on eBay when the warehouse was having a clear out.  As I got them for about £3 each I can’t complain.  The kits are usually less than £10 each, so still not terribly expensive at full cost.

I started the second kit today and have 3 more to complete but my supplies of silver and blue spray are starting to run low so I might only run 2 more of the kits up in this little batch of spraying.

Again repainting before building with MDF is sometimes the easiest way to approach these kits.

While I was out there I ran some bone colour over the walkways to get them prepped for painting as well.

Starting to look like a scenery set already (28mm Space Marine for scale purposes) and not a Judge Dredd Juve in sight.  Yes, I am avoiding painting them again, even though a morning (or afternoon for that matter) would be all it takes to get them finished off.  Don’t ask me why…  I don’t know either…