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I seem to get through a substantial number of spray cans these days.  The majority of those spray cans seem to be in grey as well.

With the good weather this week I thought I should plan ahead and order two cans of Uniform Grey spray, to paint up the plinths that I built last week.  Sadly though, the national shortage of modelling supplies seems to include Army Painter spray cans as well. Thankfully the car body repair shops can deliver grey undercoat, in a perfectly matched uniform grey colour, without any issues at all.

And while I was rummaging through spray cans I decided to try to use up some older cans on some older MDF kits as well.  More TTcombat kits. (I think I found a link to their warehouse clearance stock on eBay a while back…)

Simple double skinned boxes with cutouts so prepainting before starting the build is a must to avoid all those fiddly edges.

And that’s one done (almost, as I have just noticed those over sprayed blue edges…)

Not a quick job, and hardly difficult, but both cans of grey car spray are now empty and my plinths are more uniform in colour again.