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This weekend Skype chat with Coronasan seems like its becoming a bit of a regular thing.  As we are both up and about in the mornings, well before our respective ladies arise, and a chat while we potter seems very civilised.

Only thing is, I always seem to find myself trimming MDF when we chat…  This time a set of wooden harbour walkways. Specifically designed by TTcombat to complement their Streets of Venice sets and I seem to have been doing quite bit with those sets recently.

Its actually one kit with two walkway sets in it.  A set of derelict walkways, that I suspect I would not trust to keep me dry.

And some pristine replacements…  Almost a before and after kind of kit.

Its not a huge or expensive kit but it has enough pieces and enough modularity to be useful. (Just don’t remind me that I already have 2-3 other finished harbour/ jetty sets, packed up in boxes, in the shed.)