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Back when we were starting to play Kill team we picked up some of the Conquest magazines for the 3 primaries figures on their covers.

Two of the regular guys from each set were painted up at that time, and were actually used in a number of games.  The sergeants from each set both went to the back of the paint queue.  As I am clearing lots of unwanted figures out of said queue, these two have been plucked out and finished off.  Orange ink wash, silver, black, brown and a face. A decal and done!

With my new Gellerpox Kill team crew I suppose these might not get a game for some time but they stand ready for when I do need them.

And its nice to get a few more figures out of the shed. Especially ones that have been staring at me all the while I have been neglecting them.

Talking of neglect, I must crack on with those Juves…