Well, now that the surfers are done, I really need to just crack on with the rest of the gang.

Eight of these guys are real Judge Dredd gangers while one is from an alternate range.   My recollection is that the Dredd IP has been held by GW, Mongoose publishing and Warlord?  Please correct me if I am wrong. These are from one of the latest ranges and are quite basic (and slightly poor) sculpts. Far different from the other modern metal ranges that are about.  The last lady, seen at the front, is slightly larger and a far better sculpt (and sadly of unknown origin at this point).

I will be keeping a simple, bright and gaudy, scheme for these guys too and as such they have no specific game in mind.  Most likely they will feature in a game of Fistful of Kung Fu.

So far the gang colours are Pink and Purple. I am also tempted to try out some glossy white and black leather for some clothing options (well, they are almost a set of 1980s gang members).