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Day one of my holiday was actually 2 days before this photo but as all households and plans are reliant on the great lady, I was unable to truly knuckle down until she was busy herself. Working from home, as she currently is (and will be for the next 12 weeks) as she is in a period of self isolation/ shielding.

So day one represents the first day of being let loose on my own time. It was the first day of not being given jobs by someone who cannot go out side herself, so constantly worries we will run low in our backup store of 12 pints of UHT milk.

As I have been easing myself into painting again following my time without a shed (as I note others have been doing on the blogs I read), I thought that a few small figures would be a good place to start.

These Glitchlings from GWs Rogue Trader, a Killteam Starter set not the original 40K, have been in the first half of the paint queue since they were put together in Jan 2019.  Some of the smaller pieces were painted in August 2019 but that was as far as I got. At the time I was playing about with GWs, then new, contrast paints and how they went over different coloured under coats. Back then I didn’t much like the finish I got for the skin of these, and the larger figures in the set, which put me off slightly.

What better than to get some road blocks out of the way. With a mind set of ‘bugger it, lets just finish them’ I set about with my paint brush and slapped on a bit of paint to get me back in any form of rhythm I could find.

With all the smaller figures now done, I only had to get a few more (7 in total) under way to finish the set.  The 7 that were left though, included 4 very large and detailed humanoids…