So with the final bits of furniture ‘on hold’ I guess there is nothing to stop me from starting to paint.  With us still in lockdown I guess I have no games to play or even planned for the future that matter.  Thats a big fat nothing to dictate what I paint then.

I do however have a paint station set up (although I might need a bigger cutting mat for the size of desk I now have…)

Its not that I have nothing to paint either!  My shelf of shame spreads far and wide. This little lot is a mere part of the lead and plastic pile I will have to face up to one day.

But lets not forget where I have made some progress over the years.  Its nice to see them all displayed and ready for when I can start to think about getting a game in.

First things first though.  Lets see if I can get some of the older and more neglected bits a little further along.  This little lot has been sat waiting for me to show it some attention for quite some time.  Although the front tray is less than 12 months old the older projects are from as far back as 2015 (I have put the oldest stuff in long term storage as its unlikely to get any real attention until we play some of those older games again.)

Although I am a key worker, and have been working through the first weeks of the Covid outbreak, I have a weeks holiday planned (I guess I am now not going to Malta) which I plan to use to recharge some batteries before I get back to the grindstone for the final push to the end, and possibly worst part, of the outbreak.  Lets see what I can get done before the return to work.