The old shed was a multi-use space and I plan for this space to be equally, if not more, versatile.  As such, the painting that was done in the old shed was all planned around a small 1970’s bureau, along with an old set of drawers that held tools and paint pots etc.

The old Bureau had seen better days when I picked it up from my mothers house and was at risk of falling apart if I attempted to moved it again.  As a slim cupboard with the potential to provide a desk space is perfect for my needs a new bureau would need to be found.  In the current, Covid affected times, I expected this to be difficult.

Surprisingly, this nice, spacious unit was delivered from central Germany 5 days earlier than predicted.

Unlike Ikea (based in in Milton Keynes, just down the road from me) who cancelled my planned delivery and have not been able to offer a definite alternative delivery date before June. Moan over…

As any more furniture will not likely now be delivered until after the lockdown, I will have to make do with the units that I have and wait patiently for a time that I can get the next shelves up and filled.  Until then, I will have to find a bit of painting to get started with. In hopes of distracting me from this mad, mad world we currently live in.