A couple of people have remarked about my game table design recently.  I have had a number of different tables in the old shed.  I’ve used some more simple designs (plain MDF sheets sat on a couple of trestles) and more complex designs (framed interlocking boards).

The current table, now safely set up in the new shed, uses a base made up from three medium sized Kallax shelf units and three smaller Kallax units.  It gives a roughly 6’x4′ base if a couple of small gaps are left between the units.  

As I use a small skirting board to give an edge to the table (stopping some dice rolls from ending up on the floor) so a slightly wider gap is needed if the board inside is to be kept at full 6’x4′ size.  Three 2’x4′ MDF boards are used to line the top of the table and help to hold everything together and stable.

Being Kallax units, a popular Ikea product, there are lots of optional boxes and inserts available that can fit the openings.  I have a number of larger boxes for bigger scenery items and my 1′ square scenery tiles fit nicely in the gaps as well.

The shelves in the middle Kallax unit are not as easy to access as the openings at the sides but they can still be used.  I use most of them for the storage of lesser used items. One centre section however, I keep empty, as it allows me to store my collection of game mats (most of which are 4′ long and very bendy when rolled).

Hope that helps and answers some of the questions that were posed.  Its far from a perfect design but it suits my needs a this time. If it also gives someone else a few ideas, then I have done my part.