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With the smaller internal dimensions, and the alternate layout in the new shed, I get lots more light and high level storage options. Sadly though I am not going to get some of the older fixtures and fittings in.  Out goes a short a glass cabinet that would take up too much low level space, along with the two old bureaus that I used to use as painting stations.

In comes all the scenery that I have amassed over the last eight years.  In the last shed this was all stored in boxes, as I have always worried about the effects of damp on these mainly MDF builds.  With the new shed I feel less worried about the possibility of environmental effects so don’t mind having it on shelves. It is nice to actually see what scenery I have available for use as well. With it all packed away I had actually forgotten that I owned a whole western town.

Now, how to repurpose all these empty boxes? Maybe I need to think about refilling them with all those unloved and unfinished projects that I found while clearing out the old shed…