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My posts are a little out of order this time, as I wanted to hold off showing this lot to you until I had had time to fully complete this unit.

It was started when the Shed was a little drier… Then got slightly sidetracked by other things but never left the painting table throughout the downpours and stormy weather.

The Thenn Warriors are a Northmen tribe that forge their own weapons and armour from Bronze.  Usually the other Free Folk tribes get by with a collection of bone, flint and scavenged blades, collected from their enemies and other fallen fighters.

As the art of forging Bronze equipment is varied in quality across the north I decided to try out a number of varied effects to show different metallic finishes.

Light and dark metals (a warm copper and pale gold) were used, then dry brushed with the same silver to get a mix of finishes.  

Then a few with both were completed to tie all the finishes together.

The image above shows the mix of colours used.

Again contrast paints were used for speed, and also to help match these guys to the rest of the army.

I suspect these will be the last unit I get finished until the issues with the shed are sorted.  I maybe offline for a bit in the near future but, rest assured, I will be working to get back to painting and gaming as soon as I can.