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With the shed slightly less than usable at the moment Coronasan has hosted a few games at his place, to keep me entertained.  Painting is not so easy to achieve so I actually have more time to play I guess.

Iron Golems Vs Corvus Cabal in the world of WarCry was the flavour we opted for, for our evenings entertainments.

Coronasan’s new scenery got a further outing and the Crows took to the high ground as is befitting for their creed.

We managed a couple of games over the course of one evening and a good time was had. WarCry is quick and easy when you get the basic rules under your belt. Easy enough to get a couple of games played in the same amount of time as we often play just once using other rulesets.

I expected my Crows to fair slightly worse than the Orks I had used last time but they actually proved quite resilient and were surprisingly hard hitting in the end.

WarCry deploys your forces in a random way each game and you don’t get much say in how that happens.  It makes you think more and have to play with what you are given.  Often your strongest or fastest figures will end up being deployed in the last 2 turns of the game.  Meaning the grunts have to take and hold any objectives all by themselves.

A mad rush at the end of the game is a familiar sight as the latecomers run on hoping to make their presence felt.

Sometimes just staying high and out of the action gets the job done.

It can feel like somewhat of an uphill struggle for those chaps without feathers.