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As I suspect that I and Coronasan have both been spending most of our painting time on our Song of Ice and Fire stuff, it was nice recently to do something a little different for a change.

Coronasan has been doing some scenery, as a break from Lannister units, and it is coming along very nicely.

These are the scenery kits from the WarCry boxed starter and I suspect they are one of the reasons this set has sold so well.  GW do pack their starter sets out with plenty of scenery these days.

As a break from painting half naked savages in furs, I have been painting half naked savages in furs…  Just green ones for a change…

These Boyz got very little love or attention. I foolishly decided, very late in the day, that it would be a good idea to paint up a whole new crew, rather than drag out the same old skeletons that have been my staple for the last few games.  With less than a weekend to get them done they got some very fast and dirty paint jobs.

Contrast paints again and minimal colour variation to be seen here. I only added some red in the end as I needed an easy way to identify the elite figures from the bog-standard Boyz.

On game day they looked suitably savage for their first outing on Coronasan’s new scenery.  As this photo shows my dead pile quickly told me why I like this game.  Its fast and unforgiving as everyone of your figures can die as quick as any other.

By the end of game one I was feeling slightly outnumbered but managed in the end to snag a few objectives and win the game.

Having a few Bow Boyz hovering about does help to keep the Iron Golem’s heads down.

Game two and the mission was to take out Coronasan’s Shield (each crew is divided into 3 groups before the game starts: Dagger, Hammer and Shield).

This game was much more tactical, as the targets need to be protected, but cannot be hidden at the edge of the table.  I succeeded in the end but only just and by the skin of my teeth.