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Well, the drying rack has been invaded by green skins so those last few scouts had better scarper, sharpish, as they are now out numbered…

My issue with these last few scouts is, as always, matching new miniatures to older paint schemes.  I guess these are far from what could be classed as new miniatures as they were purchased at the same time as the originals. Needless to say, they still need a paint scheme that matches the touched up camo scouts seen recently.

To get the ball rolling, and in hopes of not cocking up all four figures in one go, I started with a test model.

With a game of Kill Team now planned (my first since before the start of December it would seem) a useable chap would be best to start with.

I suspect that the yellow, with an orange wash, is slightly too orange when compared to the original (which might have faded with ages spent, unused, on the display shelf) but it will do for my needs.

I have managed to match the badly drawn green camo stripes very well (obviously a talent inherent to my natural painting technique) and copied the slightly worn, black weapon choices of the originals.

All in all not too bad…  Now for the other three…