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This is quite possibly both the quickest and slowest painted force I have completed to date.

Planned way back in early 2016 its two years in the making and only just finished to a state when I can actually play a game with them.

When the fire was finally lit though, and our first game was planned, the speed of things picked up dramatically.  The actual painting only started in mid March so these seven, game ready units, have been completed in about 20 days. (The 3 mechanical units were already done, thankfully, or I would never have gotten the army completed on time.)

1000 points of Martian loveliness. 36 miniatures from 7 different manufacturers, proving that a well written set of rules, with built in flexibility, can accommodate any figures you care to throw at it.

Looking at the remainder of the force (sat unpainted on my shelf) I guess I would have a further 30 days of painting to do if I kept the same pace up…

Unlikely I know…