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With February soon to end, I thought it was about time to ‘pull ones finger out’ and get this chap finished so that I could claim to have completed at least one figure towards this challenge.

It shouldn’t have taken me all month to complete this but I have (as is always the case it would seem) been distracted by other things.

This figure is also a slightly daunting one to approach.

The level of detail on the figure leads to many contrasting colours and shades.

All that detail, especially when viewed ‘mid process’, starts to look like a jigsaw of coloured pieces all on the same figure.

So much so that you almost wonder if you will get them all blended together in the end, or if it will remain more like it should be fielded in a harlequin force.

By the end though I don’t dislike too many parts of it.

I know I have missed some details (even now, if I look closely, I can find buboes that I didn’t paint).

If I missed them when I was actually looking for them to paint, I wont worry too much about noticing them when I am playing it in a force…  At arms length it looks finished to me.

I have said before, I am not a real painter at heart.  I like painting figures and I gain great pleasure from these things when they are finished. I just can’t bring myself to care enough about the smaller details to let missing a few worry me.  The fact it is painted, and I can happily play it in an army now, is what counts more.

The fact that I have finished it after so long is a major bonus.  With a month to complete it though, I should have managed to get at least a few of the Plaguebearers done as well.  Sadly they are still sat unfinished and still to be done on The Plan.

GUO is on the plan so does earn me another point, and as I’ve completed Azazel’s challenge on time is even more satisfying.

Score for post +1 point / Total score +10