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February brings a new vigour to the shed, with the achievement of some mild successes.  Not only have I started on my Nurgle Daemon backlog but I have also managed to get some use out of my airbrush for the first time.

The Great Unclean One (likely to be used in games as a humble Daemon Prince) has had some layers put on to him.  I may still cock this up by not knowing when to stop with the airbrush and revert to a normal brush.

My Herald of Nurgle also got a few air brushed layers as well. If all goes well this may be a good way to get some quick base colours on the other Nurgle Daemons too.

I don’t expect this to be my new ‘normal’ method of painting figures but it does allow me to try a few new things.

I have always thought of myself as a ‘basic’ painter.  I am a ‘colour in up to the lines and try not to go over the edges’ kind of guy.  I like miniatures that have well defined edges sculpted into them, that I know I can stop at.  Lots of new figures, like these Nurgle Daemons, are appearing on the market which have softer transitions and require more blending of colours to get them to look good in my opinion. That is something I have never been comfortable doing with a brush.

This airbrush thing seems to be one way of getting that blended effect that I like onto figures like this…

My Herald is definitly on ‘The Plan’.

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