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This chap has been in my unpainted but undercoated pile so long that a large amount of the paint to his hood and arm had chipped off in a number of places.  Its a good job he was a Librarian then as I didn’t have any matching paints that could be used to touch up these areas.  A classic blue would do to hide the damage and mark him out as a Psyker.

These old metal GW figures are great.  Such detail and lots of nice touches.  Small books and chains, pouches and skulls.

He had lost his staff top many years ago and I had replaced it with a back banner pole with the plan to make him a standard bearer for a terminator command unit.  As these don’t exist any more, and as no ancient can be outfitted in terminator armour in the Index I have, he has reverted to his original role.

That staff will therefore be his Force Weapon and I will have to find another Ancient to use in the army…

If anyone knows what his staff head was it would be nice to be reminded.  Also his Combi-Bolter is of the Generic style used back then but I have no idea what profile this used to be.  I will be using him as a Melta-Bolter, which I think I can fire both profiles of each turn, unless I am reading the rules wrong…