With most of the figures rebased or repainted that I need to get a small force on the table it was time for game number two.  My first game was a small skirmish against Veganman.

My Second game was to feature a proper force which we decided should be constructed using 100 Power per side.  I planned to use a Land Raider so dragged out my newest vehicle (purchased in the early 2000s) whilst Coronasan brought along a relic from an earlier age…

Thankfully he could not field his raider with all the other Blood Angels he had in the box.  He did manage to get a very large flier out for our first bash.  Almost a flying Land Raider, his Stormraven Gunship proved to be too heavily armoured for the force I brought along.  In the end I ignored it as best I could and focused my fire at other, seemingly softer, targets.

Those softer targets still proved much tougher than expected.  With all weapons having a chance of damaging any vehicle I thought that we would see more smoking wrecks but all our vehicles proved to be quite resilient.

Even my Landspeeders lasted longer than in previous rulesets.  Often these light skimmers would be destroyed with the first shots of a game.

Infantry proved to be quite resilient as well even with these new rules allowing units to move, shoot and then charge all in one turn.

As always we ended the game with a host of questions that our next game would hope to answer but also with the thoughts that 100 power may be too many for an average evenings play.  Next time 75 Power methinks…