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So the updates to the Space Marine force continue.  So far I have updated some paint jobs and even painted a few new miniatures.  The task now at hand is deciding on what to do with the basing to ensure it looks a little less tired and links the old and new units together.  Basing I find ever so boring and as such I have never developed many skills in this area.  If I only had 5 or 6 models to base I might make more effort but with the current count standing at 35 and set to rise I just need something easy and quick.

Most of the older models have a thin coating of an old coal dust flock that I seem to have lots left of (I wonder why I never used it again…)

To keep things simple, and use up some more of that ancient flock, I have mixed in a few small stone chips and some sand.  Applying it in a much thicker layer has allowed me to rebase without having to scrape off the older medium.

The Landspeeder has had the same treatment although that had a thicker original coat to start with.

Not all of the base needs recovering this time round.

Not Great but not terrible.  At least they look like they come from the same force now.

Sadly a few of the more colourful elements had a different flock used.  Don’t ask me why…  I may have to remove a few bases and start again on these.  At least its only a couple of figures.

The real pain is having to remagnetise the Landspeeder bases if the posts wont come cleanly out of the original bases…