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Only one photo so far but I have dragged out a few figures from the box of base coated Blue/Grey marines and finished them to a basic level so that they can be played with.

It brings the number of painted, jump pack equipped, Marines to 16 (10 Assault Marines, 5x Veteran Vanguard Marines and 1x Chaplain).

I haven’t picked out more than one shoulder pad, jump packs, weapons and skull motifs on the armour.  All of these are bare headed so their skin tone helps to add more colour to the unit.

I am still unsure what to do with these bases, as I will need to do about 30 of them in one go to get all the infantry updated.  When I do get them done I will begin to see more of an ‘army’ look to the force that, at present, is a collection of very separate looking units.