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It often makes me smile to see my early painting efforts and what I had previously decided was ‘ok’ back in the day.  The recent updating of my old Space Marines has reminded me of this on a number of levels.  Thankfully a simple ink wash is often enough to hide some of the worse parts and, as always, adding a touch of shade makes them fit in closer to my current style.

Terminators in their original state.

Before and after a coat of Army Painter Dark Shade.

Unit refreshed and drying.  Bases will be updated when I have decided what to do with the original Blue/Black ones on the Tactical Marines in the back of the photo.

One thing I never added to my vehicles in past rule sets, as they never seemed worth it, are Hunter Killer Missiles.  In this rule set they are more effective so a rummage through the bits box comes up with 3x missiles but only one base connector. A couple of other random parts work well as alternates.

Again, a simple paint job. Black base coat, very light dry brush with silver and pick out lens and LED on control box.  Magnets to the bases allow me to fit and remove it to help remind me when this one shot weapon has fired.