With a slight pause in my hobby activity, while I was on holiday, Games Workshop caused a little bit of news with the release of a new edition of Warhammer 40K.  The eighth edition of the game takes it back to a more simple rule set and changes a few things to make it appear, at first glance, easy for new players to dive in.

I am certainly not a new player, but I have been ‘out’ of 40K for a fair number of years. We tried 7th edition 40K for a couple of games but it had little that was new enough to keep us hooked.   Age of Sigmar managed to hold us longer as it was very different from the normal, repackaged, Warhammer Fantasy game of previous editions.

8th edition 40K looks to be more like Age of Sigmar in its simple approach.  I picked up a Primer and Index for my old Space Marines just before I left for holiday and have pondered it for the time that I was away.

So, now that I am back in the shed, I have a 100 power point game planned for this week.

To prepare I have looked out my ancient painted figures, and even managed to run through a quick (30 power point) skirmish game with Veganman, to get a grip on the basic rules.

Some of the older paint jobs leave me slightly uncomfortable so I plan to touch up a couple of bits here and there.

How many other folks out there painted their original Space Marines in a Camo colour scheme? (Own up Coronasan as I know you had a few…)