We got our, flyer heavy, game of Steam Wars in just over two weeks ago.  Shows how behind this blog really is…

Steam launch skimmer transport with deck gun; Balloon artillery spotter with bombs; Biplane with HMG and Bombs; Gyrocopter artillery spotter with bombs; Pride Of America Flying Steamship with deck gun and twin ack ack gun.

Plenty of Naval Ratings were fielded, supported by some rocket artillery and both the Octo-Divers and the Rocketeers.

Fighting this time across Coronasan’s ever expanding Harbour/ Industrial/ Air Landing Station.

Surprisingly most of our air units were not fast fliers.  My Gyro and Ship were slow and steady.  The Scrunt’s Air Ships were also moving less than 9 inches a turn.

After a couple of turns of manoeuvring things started to come into range…

Then as things heated up I forgot to take any more photos…

Needless to say Coronasan and I had a great time.  The rules for flying units have been tweaked again as very little was shot down by the end of the game.  Changes to make our flyers less resilient will be used next time, and we shall see if they are then too fragile.  If we ever manage to stop tweaking the rules Coronasan may even release it on his Steam Wars page for all to see.